From classrooms to gamegine: A spark ignited at Hacettepe University, where a shared passion for games brought a group of students together. United by the dream of imagining and building their own worlds, they combined academic knowledge and creativity to launch gamegine, a studio where their dream takes form.

We are gamegine, where imagination takes the form of games. We craft innovative and meaningful experiences that enrich players’ lives with captivating narratives and unforgettable moments. As passionate gamers ourselves, we strive to create games that resonate with players on a deeper level, just like the games we dreamed of playing ourselves.

At gamegine, we believe creating games is more than just business. It’s about joy. The joy of the creative process and the joy of bringing happiness to players. We foster a culture built on these values:


Open communication: Everyone can share ideas freely.

Continuous learning: We embrace ongoing growth.

Teamwork: We achieve more together.

Innovation and creativity: We pursue new ideas and projects.

Honesty and transparency: We maintain ethical business practices.

Cankat Tigin Öztemiz

CEO & Founder Game Director 

Umut Efiloğlu


Emine Işıkelekoğlu

Board Member

Fatih Mutlu

CFO & Business Developer